Day 60: progress discussion + potential hormone issues

Today is day 60! So far, in the last 60 days, I’ve lost 17 pounds! I’m down to 30% body fat from 40%, which correlates to 24 pounds of fat. That means I’ve actually put on some muscle.

I’m still feeling great. I’ve had very few symptoms of seasonal depression. My energy levels are consistant throughout the day. I have just as much energy at 6:00 am as I do 2:00 pm and even right before bed at 11:30. This was not the case two months ago. I’d constantly be drifting between medium energy and low energy and I rarely had high energy. Now I feel like I have pretty high energy levels throughout the day.

There has been a “downside” to keto the last few days. It’s actually more related to fat loss that my diet in particular. Readers beware, the rest of this blog post has a lot to do with feminine issues, but the information may be good for men to know as well.

It seems as though my fat loss has triggered my period to start early, despite being on the pill. For women that have taken the pill, you know just how strange this sounds. The pill is supposed to keep your hormones in a more balanced way and prevent any eggs from ovulating. However, the pill isn’t the only way that we have hormones in our body.

Until yesterday, I didn’t know that fat produces estrogen. Which makes a lot of sense with a healthy woman having the ability to have twice as much fat as a healthy man, and yet they can both be considered healthy. Since I have almost cut my body fat in a third (70 pounds down to 46) within the last two months, it would only make sense that my body freak the heck out about not having the estrogen it is used to.

I got most of this information from this article, which further went on to say that this is also common with women eating a low-carb diet due to most extra sources of estrogen being cut out of the diet.

Anyway, I am keeping calm and Ketoing on!


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