When a Calorie isn’t just a Calorie

Imagine with me, what the first people ate. I personally believe that these people were Adam and Eve, but no matter what your beliefs on who these people were, I bet we can agree on most of what they ate. They ate vegetables. They ate animal products like eggs and milk. They ate beans and nuts and legumes of all kinds. They probably ate some berries and maybe some other fruits.

I think we could probably think of somethings that they didn’t eat. They probably didn’t water down their milk and add sugar for flavor. They probably didn’t have a way of making bread. They probably didn’t fry potatoes. They didn’t eat donuts for breakfast and pie before bed.

Before Keto, I would naturally eat somewhere between 1500-1800 calories a day. Sometimes more, few times less. Now I struggle to even get to 1200 because I’m full from all the fatty foods I eat.

I used to think that a calorie was a calorie and I could just cut calories and lose weight. And then I started following this guy named Sam Feltham. Sam knew that there was a difference between 1500 calories of protein and fat and 1500 calories of carbs. What Sam didn’t know, is that the results of his study convinced me that the Ketogenic life was a better life to live.

Sam set out to eat almost 6,000 calories per day of ketogenic type foods. He ate a low-carb, high fat diet of at least 5,800 calories every day. He had calculated that if a calorie were a calorie, based on his intake and output, he should have gained about 16 pounds. However, after 21 days, he only gained three pounds~! He also lost over an inch on his waist, even with eating such a huge surplus of food!


5,800 calories per day on a low-carb, high fat diet

He then replicated the experiment by eating a low-fat, high carb diet. And the results were more what you’d expect. Eating 5,800 calories in a high carb diet made him gain the 16 pounds he was expecting. He also put on 3 1/2 inches on his waist.


Twenty-one days of eating 5,800 calories in a low fat, high carb diet

So, you tell me, do you still believe a calorie is a calorie? We already know that a high carb diet increases insulin production which increases fat storage. Now, we have visible proof that a high carb diet will make us fat.

What is frustrating to me is that we still perpetuate the idea that a high fat diet is bad for us. At the residential facility where I work, the cafeteria has had to revamp their menu due to government policies that restrict how much fat the residents eat. The other problem with this, is that when fat is taken out of foods like dressings or milk, it is replaced with sugar! So not only are we taking away the healthy fats which keep them full longer, we are adding sugar which will increase appetite and force the body to store fat.

Don’t do this to yourself anymore. Stop buying low-fat foods and opt for full fat. Don’t buy into the lie that all calories are created equal. Personally, I like to keep eating like the first humans did. More fat. More protein. Little to no sugar. After all, we no have evidence that a low carb, high fat diet is better.