Plateauing again: Losing inches, not pounds

A few weeks ago, I dropped to 154. I was so excited that I’d be seeing the 140’s soon. I haven’t seen the 140’s in over 5 years!

This week, I gained 3 pounds. Beyond frustrated, I checked the scale for my body fat percentage. I had gone from 32% a few weeks ago at 157 to 31% at 157. Which means that I lost 2.5 pounds of fat. Which reminds me of this video about what fat looks like. The first minute is a promotional for his business, but after that, there is a really good illustration of what fat looks like in the body.

So where did that other 3 pounds come from? It looks like some came from the muscle I am building and some came from water weight.

Satisfyingly enough, I’ve lost another belt notch in the last two weeks. I’ve also dropped an inch on my waist in the last week.

Lesson of the week: Progress isn’t always seen on the scale.